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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wine....I need wine!

Tonight, last night, all Sunday night I have been doing the same thing...trying to install and use my new sewing/embroidery machine.  I does not look promising.  I am SO FRUSTRATED!!!!!!!!!!!  So I decided to take a break and share something that would make me feel so much better. 
Two weeks ago, I had a dinner party for my family.  We are trying to all hang out more, the adult cousins.  Scary that we are the adults now?!?!?  Anywho...I themed the night "Wine and Cheese"  All the colors were mustard yellow and berry red and the food was all Italian.  I did pasta bar ( remember from previous blog posting) and the desserts were beautiful and delish! here are the pictures!!!



I worked with some amazing woman on this party!!!  Thank you all for your gift and talents!!!!
Please check out their shops! I love everything on this table!  Also, check out my new Wine and Cheese listing in ETSY!!!! 

Cupcake Toppers –  Lynlee Petite Cakes

Cake Pops – Boxed Pops

Cookies – The Cookie Jar

Cork Placecard Holders – Gallery 360

Party Printables and FavorBoxes – Rylie Boo Events

Banner, drink me tags and Twine – Pig Castle

Frame – Creative Flair Art

Bunting – Jaime Mancilla

I hope you loved it!!!
ps - don't forget the free Super Bowl Printables!!!