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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What's it Going to Bee???

This weekend I had the honor of throwing a GENDER REVEAL!!!  This is a party to tell everyone, the parents too, what the gender of the baby they are having is going to be.  It was a BEE themed shower, so everything was yellow, black and white.  It was so fun to have total creative freedom!  I hope you love the pictures as much as I do!  Thank you to Cookie Jar for the amazing cookies, Pig Castle for the "Bee Happy" banner and T for Ty for the adorable custom onesies, Thank you Polka Dot Market for the balloons and Decadent Delights for the amazing cake and cake pops!!!  Of course, Rylie Boo Events made all the party printables and I love love love the way these turned out.  This would make an adorable shower or a birthday party!
Enjoy and please send me comments!

 Don't you just love it!!!


  1. Very nice! The cake and cookies are just gorgeous!!! Soooo, is it a boy or a girl? :)

  2. Thanks Jen!!! It was a boy! Bright blue inside cake!!!