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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Favorite Vendors - Pig Castle

As you know, I like to introduce you, or reintroduce you to some of my favorite people to work with for my parties and shoots.  I met Miss Mary on ETSY.  She had recently moved to the same state and me and we have become fast friends.  She has twins that are one, that I literally want to steal, sneak a peek at the photo shoot of her kiddos that I helped with.  She also has an amazing paper goods and supplies company on ETSY.  Pig Castle is a name that you can not remember and you will not want to when you see all that she can make!
Ok..take a look.

Twine in a million colors, this one screams me!  Hot Hot Pink!
Light Pink and White Baker's Twine - 240 yard spool

  Bright custom colored dolies ( Which I am using in an upcoming shoot :) )
Shabby Paper Doilies Set of 10

And of course she has made a lot of the custom signs and cards you have seen on my party tables....Remember these????

Anywho, I could go on and on, but please check her out.  She is always welcoming to custom projects and is just a doll to work with!!! 
Find her ETSY page here!
Her Facebook here!!/pages/PigCastle/166231370061148

Enjoy your nite guys!

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