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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Favorite Vendors- Jaime Mancilla

Hi Everyone!
There are a few vendors that I ADORE working with.  Jaime Mancilla is one of them.  She is kind, sweet and so so so talented.  She makes the adorable bunting that I have been using....remember these???

That is a sneak peak of the Banana Split Party that I did this weekend!  Don't you love the banners!!!

Ok..bunting can make an amazing centerpiece with something so small.  It is such a great detail that adds so much.  I was lucky to find Jaime.  She makes amazing, beautiful and VINTAGE buntings in all shapes and sizes.  Check her out here  trust me it is so worth it.  They are stunning.
I mean look at this one....
Cremesicle Fabric Cake Bunting Decoration

Ahhh....such beauty. 
Thank you Jaime for your gift!

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