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Thursday, January 27, 2011

DIY Thursday - Heart Photo Ornament

Valentine's Day is almost here!!!  I was surfing around and looking at the blogs that I love and I saw this!  It is 2 years old, but I love it!    This makes the cutest Valentine's Day ornament.  Scrapper Girl did such a great job.  So unique and so original. 

Heart photo ornament (tutorial included)....
2 photo strip heart ornament
Instruction 1   Intsructions 2  Instruction 3  Instruction 4  Instructions 5  Instruction 6  Paper and photo heart ornament  2 photo strip heart ornament 
You can make this ornament with 2 photo strips or 1 photo strip and one piece of patterned paper. This ornament can be embellished however you would like and could be modified by making the strips longer and/or narrower.
2009 01 14 033  2009 01 14 013 
To make the garland: During step 4 after stapling, punch a hole 3/4 inch down from the staple line. Make your heart as in step 5 and then string your hearts!

Enjoy and send me pictures if you make these!!!

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