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Thursday, January 6, 2011

DIY- Mini Cupcake Holders

I am trying to either create or find a great DIY project every Thursday night to share so you can make it on the weekend if you have time.  Here is the first "official" DIY Thursday post!

I love these and I will be making them for a great shoot that I have coming up that is all Paris themed!
I found these on Modern Moments....What a great idea!!!
Here is how she made them!

1. Mini 3″ Candle Sticks made by Lara Crafts $2.99 for a set of 4
2. 3.25″ Wooden Unfinished Circles $0.29 ea. at JoAnn’s Craft Store
3. Wood Glue (I’m sure any brand will do), My Hubby already had some in the garage
4. Spray Paint (pick a color, any color), Rust-Oleum from Home Depot $3.44 a can
**Cupcakes are optional**
I purchased the Mini Candle Sticks online from New Image Group. They carry this brand of wood at Michael’s and other craft stores, but my local Michael’s didn’t carry this particular item. Take one candle stick and one circle. With a little wood glue, place it around the rim of the candle stick and adhere the circle in the center. I just eyeballed them. I am sure you could take the time to measure them, but I didn’t think that was necessary. Let them dry for 24 hours before you handle them. I’d like to note that I’ve dropped mine several times and they are all still in tackt. That wood glue is some serious stuff! Jessica proof anyways :)
Now, I spray painted mine. And when I say I, I mean my nice husband, Lincoln. I didn’t want to take the time to brush all 20 of them, but I am sure you could use craft paint on them if you prefer that method. Lincoln did approximately four coats on these. He used just over one can of spray paint. They are fairly covered. There are a few areas that could use some extra paint, but I think it made them look a little distressed and that was perfect for Emerson’s party. Let them dry and enjoy!

Enjoy your nite! 

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  1. Very cute! And so easy. You could even glue on a dessert plate from Walmart or Pier one.