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Saturday, January 15, 2011

2 Features and a little DIY love!

Hi everyone...
I know that Thursdays is suppose to be DIY night, but with the posting of my Crush Party things got a little mixed up!
So...I was thinking, on a long weekend, Saturday is still plenty of time for you to get crafting!
I wanted to make these for my Valentine's shoot, but ran out of time.  Martha takes simple things and makes them so unique.  I will be doing these for my spring collection in March!

Bonbon-Filled Hearts
Surprise a loved one by hanging a heart-shaped container filled with candy on his doorknob or near his computer.

1. Fold and unfold a square of plain or patterned lightweight card stock to score it as pictured.

2. Fold the card stock in half vertically, and open.

3 Fold it horizontally.

4. Open.

5. Draw two opposite corners of the square inward, tucking in the other two corners.

6. Trace the heart template, below, and cut out.

7. Slide fold A behind fold B.
8. Hold in place. Then use a hole punch to pierce both; thread a ribbon through, and tie. Fill both sides of the heart with candy.

All the "as seen as" can be found here!  I love me some Martha!
Check out my Crush Party Features....I am so blessed! Thank you ladies!
follow their blogs for great party pictures and ideas!

Enjoy your long weekend and look out for Sunday is a delish new dessert!!!

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