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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday DIY - Cake Toppers

Hi Everyone!  I have recently feel in love with different cake toppers.  I have been using alot of cake buntings to make a simple cake look super special.  I recently found, and feel in love with Blu Embelish .  They make ADORABLE cake toppers and have some great crafts on their blog.  I asked if I could share one with you and they said YES!  So here it is!

As shared by Blu Embelish

Let's get our supplies ready for the rose tutorial.  You will need a cloth napkin, a plate, and some bling!

Step 1:  Grab your napkin from one corner and begin fanning (like making a paper fan-hehe)

                                              Step 2:  Continue fanning the entire napkin

This is what the napkin fanning should look like when finished.

Step 3:  Roll from one end to the other...keep rolling!

                                           This is what the perfect rose should look like.

Turn it over and you also have a very beautiful rose!

Add some bling bling.

Check out the whole posting and follow their blog!  Super cute and great ideas!!!!

Enjoy your nite!