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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Baby Brooklyn!

I was given the chance to help a good friend with a baby baptism.  I loved the idea of pink and green as a springtime party!  Unfortunatly, the god of weather was against us that day and it was pouring rain.  We had to change the entire venue/plan for the baptism, but as you can see, it turned out GREAT.  Thanks Kelly for allowing me to help with this special day!

I found the little chair on clearance at Homegoods!  4 bucks, what a steal huh?  I loved the way that the banner turned out, simple but such a statement!  Thank you Cookie Jar for again making AMAZING cookies!  Loved the way they turned out, as always!



  1. Great post, Serena! I especially love the "letter in the pot" centerpiece. :)

  2. Love it!:) I would love to get a chair like that!:)

  3. Makes me want to have a baby just so you can throw my party!!